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Boxing is not just a fight, it's a highly technical sport that requires a deep and comprehensive understanding of technique. For The Win Boxing emphasizes strong foundational skills, precise technique, strategy, and mental preparedness to equip our boxers with the tools they need to excel in the ring. From enhancing punching power and speed to improving footwork and defensive maneuvers, Coach Rae ensures all boxers develop a well-rounded skillset.  

For The Win Boxing supports all levels of boxing interest from no-contact to sparring and fight entry. 



Foundational skills and competitive coaching.


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Boxing, more than just a sport, has emerged as a dynamic and effective form of physical fitness. Incorporating the principles of boxing into your personal training regimen can unlock a multitude of benefits, both physically and mentally. This discipline engages your entire body, building endurance, strength, and coordination. It is a powerful outlet to release stress and boost confidence.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, recovering from an injury, or just beginning your fitness journey, you can expect a highly personalized level of training at For The Win Boxing. Your goals are top priority.


Private sessions for all ages and abilities.

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For The Win Boxing provides a unique experience for groups and organizations looking for a team-building exercise. Coach Rae provides a fun and engaging introduction to boxing, ideal for groups around 10 people or less. Contact for more information and availability.   


Team-building for small groups and events.

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